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Orlov Paris De Parfumeur

Orlov’s Fragrance Journey started as a conviction: to enjoy ourselves and reconnect with nature thanks to the regenerating power of gemstones that we call the DNA of Mother Earth.

All the fragrances of Orlov Paris are inspired by various gemstones leaving a unique energy signature that translates into good vibration.

Ruth Méaulle, has always loved precious gems – and fragrances. After graduating from HRD Antwerp, Europe's leading authority in grading of diamonds, and while working on her jewelry line, she misplaced a diamond. Her husband, Thomas Méaulle, found the gem on her desk, hidden beneath a perfume box. Taking this as a sign, Ruth and Thomas decided to launch their own brand.

The mission is to create high quality fragrances that allow you to feel the benefits of the gemstones from which they are inspired. All products are 100% made in France with a naturally chic edge.