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Oudyssee: Embark on a mythical journey where black and pink peppers will fill your sails. On the calm waves, the sea breeze will push you towards the Sicilian open sea where Bergamot, Lemon, and Lavender, further east, await you.

The depth of warm Amber will captivate you but Ginger will bring you back to the surface. Furry Musk and Brazilian Maté will finally drive you into the embrace of the eternal Aoud.

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A CHARISMATIC, DARING & SOPHISTICATED SCENT. Familiar yet surprising, it will take you on a journey across land and sea, gradually revealing its destination. While firmly rooted in Montale’s olfactory tradition, it also offers up completely new horizons.

Embark on an epic journey worthy of mythical legends and discover precious materials elevated to new heights by the tradition of “haute parfumerie”.

OUDYSSEE begins with a sea voyage, passing through all the trading posts of Europe’s southern waters, true to the western tradition of signature perfumes and tales of the Old Continent. A FRAGRANCE OF FATE OUDYSSEE is a strong essence, brimming with history and the spirit of a perfectly imperfect captain who, standing at the bow of his destiny, sets a course for horizons new, spurred on by the voyager’s adage: “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”. Dare to embark on an OUDYSSEE. Write your legend

Once on board your olfactory vessel, black and pink peppers immediately sweep down your spine. Set sail and feel the sea breeze caress your skin, heralding a new adventure. Glide over the calm waters of the Mediterranean and into the Sicilian open sea and Aeolus’ kingdom, who offers an invigorating breeze bursting with lemon and bergamot. Let this light, sun-laden air sweep you across the lavender fields further east. Get lost for a moment and bathe in the glow of warming amber, then let the zing of fresh ginger bring you back. Envelope yourself in the furry musk under the watchful gaze of the colossal Brazilian maté absolute. Escape from its clutches and fall into the embrace of oud, ruler of the Nepalese mountains. Ambergris will captain this journey and bring you back home for the only reason worthy of a lifetime of courage: LOVE.


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