Rendez-vous à Moscow

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Rendez-vous à Moscow: The city grabs you, from Tverskaya Street to the Botanical Gardens, the colors are bold, the shapes are defined and the rich architecture stands out clearly from the majestic vistas. This is Moscow: dignified and warm. Playing with the seasons, between winter harshness and summer heat, this warmth is riveted on its soul. From the rust-colored walls to the domes that bloom like corollas in May, gold marries red. Red, powerful and vital, an obvious choice for the beautiful Moscow, as independent, seductive and strong as the women who live there and all those who live it. 

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At Montale, travel has always inspired us. Whether it is taking you to the edge of the world, into a vast wilderness, or just around the next corner, the real journey is from the inside. Through our fragrances, we often introduce people to the exotic scents of faraway places. But the journey is also the encounter with cities: these great ensembles that pass through time, and where people, their architecture and their history are brought together. Pierre Montale wanted to honor these grand places of culture and poetry, of Art and Civili - sation, these places where he forged precious memories during his many journeys. These memories that he kept fondly in his heart, he longed to share them in a universal language of immediate understanding: the art of perfume. These «rendez-vous» make up a line of fragrances where our homage and our memories blend in an alchemy that instantly transports you to one of this magical destinations: Moscow, Milan., Paris.. and many others. Let yourself be transported and live the adventure.


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