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Posì, in Ancient Greek, means both magic potion and poison. This name represents not only magical concoctions, but also their power. Posi was the most powerful poison drink, escape was impossible. The bottle of this new creation from the V Canto line is seductive and beautiful, covered in 24 carat gold leaf, a unique Renaissance masterpiece.

The perfume opens with the hypnotic sweetness of Bulgarian rose and saffron, followed by sparkling citrus notes of lemon and bergamot. The heart combines Bourbon geranium, Polynesian ylang-ylang, gray amber and cypriol. The base consists of precious woods such as Italian walnut, oak, oak moss, musk, red sandalwood and patchouli.


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Posì, in Ancient Greek, means both magic potion and poison. With this name, the ancient Greeks wanted to represent not only the magical concoctions, but also their power, because Posi was the most powerful of all powerful poison potions, able to subdue any man without any escape. Seductive and beautiful, just like the bottle that contains this new creation from the V Canto line, inspired by the art of seduction and the alchemy of Lucrezia Borgia. The bottle is covered by hand with 24-carat gold leaf, making this creation precious and unique. Indeed, each bottle should be considered an unrepeatable and unique piece, a true masterpiece of Italian decorative art of the Renaissance period. In this iconic work from the Lucretia collection, art becomes a bottle and poison becomes a perfume that amazes and enchants us.

The creation opens with the hypnotic sweetness of the Bulgarian rose, extracted in the form of absolute, which requires a thousand petals to distill just one precious drop of oil. This priceless essence blends with the saffron of Sicily, embraced by the sparkling citrus scent of Sorrento lemon and Calabrian bergamot. The heart, so seductive and hypnotic, rests on a warm and enveloping bed, which gives the creation an intense and generous power, thanks to the freshness of Bourbon geranium and the lush tenderness of Polynesian ylang-ylang, artfully united with the aphrodisiac effect of precious gray amber, enhanced by the power of cypriol.

The entire work rests on a very complex and structured base, which gives the perfume exceptional durability and a truly unique hypnotic power. This base is formed by a journey through very precious and sought-after woods, where we strongly feel the Italian walnut and the oak of the forests closely linked to Lucrezia Borgia, together with the Tuscan oak. The woody notes are combined with oakmoss and musk to emphasize the seductive power of the entire creation, thanks to the precious boost of red sandalwood and patchouli.

A creation inspired by hypnotic seduction and the invincible power of timeless beauty, in tribute to the spirit of irresistible splendor, represented by the deadly and enchanting character of Lucrezia Borgia, which offers no escape, just like the concoctions of Lucrezia, for the most enchanting seduction for those who wear it with royal and fatal allure.


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