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Latte di Cherry New NotesFrom the unusual marriage between the most emblematic essences of perfumery, worked and mixed with divergent touches, eclectic notes, exquisitely contrasting accords, new olfactory directions are born. Contemporary and multisensory blends that broaden horizons, beyond pleasure.

New Notes is an innovative generation of extrait de parfum that transcends traditional perfume norms and breaks free from gender and role boundaries to explore new olfactory possibilities. This fragrance combines premium natural ingredients with advanced technology, resulting in a unique blend of traditional and contemporary elements. The collection offers precious extrait de parfum with intense, long-lasting scents that are gender-neutral and environmentally sustainable. These fragrances evolve on the skin, evoking deep emotions and creating new and enjoyable experiences. "New Notes" represents a bold and conscious approach to perfume, where nature, art, ethics, and aesthetics converge. It symbolizes the present and is a fragrance house that explores the essence of contemporary scent, where past and future come together for an unforgettable experience.