REINVENTED represents the essence of life. The primary act in which mind, energy, emotion, spirit and body are inseparable, each defining the other.

REINVENTED is an invitation to look beyond the tangible. Escape to a fluid world, a world without boundaries, made of mysterious alchemy that juxtaposes the visible and the invisible, the possible and the impossible, the ephemeral and the eternal.

Immerse yourself in a sensory journey beyond your wildest perception. A journey full of emotion and memory. An explosion of fragrances with seductive and addictive elements that encourage the conjuring of an enchanted world of your own imagination.

Each fragrance is an exciting and seductive experience, a connection between the deepest nuances of our being, the world, and the most evocative of the scent. It is a magical journey that illuminates the multicolored backgrounds of the psyche in the memory of the breath, in that intimate and sacred space where our most authentic essence can be perceived.