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Les Soeurs de Noé

Les Soeurs de Noe is a perfume line recently launched by Nadia Benaisa. As it was her children that gave her the will and the energy to realize this dream it seemed evident that the name of the line should be dedicated to them. For Les Soeurs de Noe, Nadia has remained true to her fundamental values: authenticity, respect, candor and generosity.
Les Soeurs de Noe represents the indefectible bond between the Orient and the West, a link between these cultures, so rich in their diversity and their histories. And the line also harbors a deep respect for the fundamental ingredients and the people responsible for their production.
The magic and the emotions that emanate from Les Soeurs de Noe empathize the superb skills of the various actors in the creation of these perfumes.
Les Soeurs de Noe has established a partnership with Robertet, a family owned business which guarantees remarkable transparency and traceability of its supplies of fundamental ingredients and offers particular support to the people who cultivate them.
Each of Les Soeurs de Noe perfumes is committed to the unconditional attention to the people involved and the respect for the environment.
The noble ingredients, assembled by the two master perfumers of New York, Jerome Epinette and Pierre Wulff, prove that creativity and respect for the planet are connected.
Each perfumed story spectacularly renders the mystery of an instant, an olfactive translation of a precise emotion, which becomes unique upon contact with the skin of the wearer.